Author: Joe Fitzsimmons

TP/Woodland Sail Race Results

A wonderfully windy Nokomis for the most recent sail race with the Woodland girls. It was an exciting and FUN get-together. Just another way that teamwork and individual responsibility mesh so well. Congrats to all the skippers and crew!. Here are the results: First Place: Ryan, Anna, Colette (X-scape) Second Place: Daphine, Elena, Chelsea (Magic Johnson) Thrid Place: Matt, Jack, Michael (It’s All Good)

TP soccer wins 5-4!

The 13 & Under soccer team defeated its friendly nemesis in a thrilling contest this weekend. Playing beneath blue skies, wispy clouds and a setting sun, the boys rallied back from a 3-2 deficit to hold on to win 5-4. It was an impressive performance, not only because they won, but also how they won. Many teams would have folded after giving up two leads and going behind a goal with nearly 10 minutes to play, but the TP boys […]

Cabin Cookout!

One of the most popular meals at camp was thoroughly enjoyed by all, evidenced by all the hot dogs wonderfully impaled on the dozens of perfectly whittled sticks. The kids also enjoyed tasty carrots and celery and some yummy brownies for dessert. Campfires are always a great way for cabins to spend quality time together outside the normal routines of cabin life. It never ceases to amaze me to see how well campers get along during these cookouts. They work […]

Daily Achievements 7/3

Another spectacular weather day and an even more impressive day of achievements! Way to go guys! One of the more productive days in a long time! So many people excelling and moving up the ranks. Very exciting! I look forward to seeing where these guys end up at the end of the summer. If today is any indication of that, it’s going to be a super successful summer. Accomplishments help make for positive spirits and lots of smiles. Keep it […]

Hamburger Cookout!!

Another delicious tradition cooked up by the men of Seneca, Cabin 11!  They all took turns flipping patties and serving the rest of camp.  300 hamburgers later, they all learned the art of outdoor cooking.  Needless to say, there was still room for a scrumptious brownie to wash everything down!  Perfect weather, yummy food and good friends always make for a memorable day.  Camp cookouts always bring out the best in teamwork and cabin unity, on full display again tonight.  […]