You can excel in marksmanship! Archery, riflery, and trap shooting follow national advancement programs. Target shooting has been a popular activity since the early days of the camps. As with all of our other activities, safe participation is our number one priority. You will develop skill and discipline in these Olympic sports. Hitting the bulls-eye is the ultimate goal!


Campers learn range rules, parts of the rifle, and shooting techniques and stances. Following a national riflery advancement program, and under close supervision of our experienced counselors, campers will earn awards as they progress in their marksmanship skills, from Promarksman to Distinquished Expert. Campers and staff wear ear protection.


High-quality recurve bows and all the necessary equipment is available for campers to improve their archery skills. The National Archery Association designed camp advancement program guides for age appropriate instruction and goal setting. Experienced counselors help campers learn safety rules and regulations, parts of the bow, correct stance, aiming, drawing and releasing. Campers progress quickly with outdoor practice targets at 15, 20, 30, and 50 yard ranges.

Trap Shooting

Just like riflery, safety is our top priority! Campers will learn safety rules, parts of the shotgun, shotgun care and shooting technique. We use 20 gauge shotguns at our specially designed trap range, and ear protection is required at all times. *Campers must be 13 years of age to participate in this activity.