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Cabin Cookout!

One of the most popular meals at camp was thoroughly enjoyed by all, evidenced by all the hot dogs wonderfully impaled on the dozens of perfectly whittled sticks. The kids also enjoyed tasty carrots and celery and some yummy brownies for dessert.


Campfires are always a great way for cabins to spend quality time together outside the normal routines of cabin life. It never ceases to amaze me to see how well campers get along during these cookouts. They work together collecting wood for the fire, help each other find the right kind of sticks to cook their hot dogs on, and share their pocket knives to carefully whittle the sticks which they also share.


Cooking for themselves is good for their sense of accomplishment. What starts as a small little flame ends up as a delicious meal. It’s fun and satisfying to see things from start to finish. Furthermore, campfires naturally have a calming effect on all of us. Relaxing by a fire is magical, allowing us to unwind and see things from a common perspective. The same flames that cook our food are the same flames that warm us up and bring us together. I can’t think of a better way to spend an evening!!