Horseback Riding


The horseback-riding program offers high-quality instruction that centers around fundamental riding skills, safety practices, and overall enjoyment. Campers of all skill levels, from the novice to the accomplished equestrian, will find tailored opportunities to build both their skills and confidence as they progress through the program. Blending arena instruction with recreational trail rides and barn management tasks, our riders get a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of horsemanship. There is no additional charge for riding.



Riding instruction, modeled on the principals of the American Riding Instructors Association, emphasizes a proper seat, compassionate cueing, and riding with control at all gates. Schooling in groundwork, grooming, tacking (bridle and saddle), feeding and basic handling builds each riders comfort level with the horse. Trail rides through wooded pine and birch forest frames skills mastered with real life application.

Campers find a growing sense of confidence as their riding abilities improve, and they realize the extent to which the horses depend on them for their daily care. The special affection that emerges between individual campers and their “favorite” horse is one of the many rewarding dimensions of the riding program.

Towering Pines provides all campers helmets during instruction and trail rides.