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Daily Achievements 7/3

Another spectacular weather day and an even more impressive day of achievements!
Way to go guys! One of the more productive days in a long time! So many people excelling and moving up the ranks. Very exciting! I look forward to seeing where these guys end up at the end of the summer. If today is any indication of that, it’s going to be a super successful summer. Accomplishments help make for positive spirits and lots of smiles. Keep it up boys!!

Chief of the Day
James E.

Tennis (Ranks Passed)

Justin K., Nicolas P., Iker T., Tanner H.
Benji K., Alvaro MDC., Sebastian G.

Riflery (High Score of the Day)

Nicolas Tar. – 45 prone position

Fishing (Catch of the Day)

Jack Tow. – 17 inch small-mouth bass

Archery (Ranks Passed)

White Bowman
George Tr.
Dominic G.
Tanner H.

Black Yeoman
Gianni G.

Black Archer
Jack Tow.
Jack Bur.

Gold Bowman
Seth H.

Gold Archer
Diego S.

High Score of the Day
Tanner H. – 50 at 10