Outdoor Adventure


Campers are intrigued by beautiful, abundant wildlife in the Wisconsin Northwoods. Everyone gets a chance to go on an overnight camping trip – can you say s’mores? – and sleep outdoors in a tent. There are campfires and cookouts every week and if you like animals sign-up for our zoo and nature program. Excursions to a Ropes course and Mountain biking across miles of private supplement the camp adventure programming.


Campers are intrigued by beautiful, abundant wildlife in the Wisconsin Northwoods. We give them opportunities to learn about, create habitat and personally care for a variety of local wildlife each summer including rabbits, ducks, fish, frogs, snakes, salamanders, and turtles – not a typical experience at home!

Exploration of rare ecosystems is part of the program and includes walking through enchanting moss garden, Hemlock Climax Forest, bog, marsh and lakeshore. Our unique Ecology program was featured in the National Geographic magazine.

Mountain Biking

The green leaves whipping past, the scent of water off the lake, the sand spraying as you pedal across the finish line! Sure, you can ride a bike at home, but can you tear it up on quality mountain bikes on miles of pristine forested trails?

A recent addition to Towering Pines programming, our mountain bikes have already been catching campers’ attention. Whether on the trails, a fresh obstacle course, or around camp, campers of all ages can learn and try out new skills on two wheels.

Give your legs a challenge and see if you can beat your best time in the Tour de TP! Learn to do bunny hops, wheelies, and other controlled maneuvers. But also enjoy the lovely scenery and fresh air and see camp in a new way!

Ropes Course

Campers ages 13 and above are given the opportunity to sign-up and participate in an amazing 1-day ropes course experience at a local high school in Rhinelander. Campers grow at both the individual and team levels, exploring leadership, communication and problem solving. The various challenges present multiple possibilities for self-discovery and collaboration and allow campers to expand their comfort zones to achieve in ways never imagined to be possible.