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Daily Achievements for 7/25/2013

Posted by on July 26, 2013

Daily Achievements for 7/25/2013 Chief of the Day Nico T Riflery Diego S had the high score of 92 against the Red Arrow Camp Riflery team. Archery Calvin F. passed his White Archer The high score of the day was by Sebastian D with a 40 at 30 yards.

Daily Achievements for 7/24/2013

Posted by on July 24, 2013

Chief of the Day Alvaro MDC Archery Alex F passed his Black Archer Mariano C passed his Red Yeoman Gianni G passed his Blue Bowman Mitchell F passed his Black Yeoman High score of the day was a 46 at 30 yards by Sebastian D. Zoo Calvin F caught the first salamander of the summer, and placed him in a Zoo terrarium.  The salamander will be returned to his home at the end of the summer.  So will Calvin.   […]


Skin diving: James E. and Diego S. caught ANOTHER turtle! Trick-Ski: Alonso C. did a 360 on trick-skis! Instructional Swim Passed Level 6: Santi P., Sebastian D., Alex F. Passed Level 4: Alex P., Rodrigo E. Passed Level 3: Andrew K. Way to go guys!!!

Clown Contest TP Style: Muttonchops, Zen Cowboys, and Clown throw-downs

Posted by on July 24, 2013

  The TP Fair held last Sunday was a bit hit and included lovely weather, fun booths, and great company, i.e., the Ladies of Camp Woodland. The Kick-Off event of the day was the popular – and hotly contested – Towering Pines Clown Contest.  The rules of the competition are simple: each cabin sends one camper to represent them in the contest. Contestants may wear costumes and/or put on some kind of performance to woo the favor of the judges.  […]

Daily Achievements for 7/22/2013

Posted by on July 23, 2013

Chief of the Day Rodrigo B.  Fishing Alec B caught a rare 14” North Nokomis largemouth bass.  Archery Alex F passed his Black Bowman Jack B passed his Red Bowman Calvin F passed his White Yeoman Calvin was also the high score archer of the day, scoring a 33 at 10 yards.  Well done Calvin!