Health & Safety

The health and safety of our campers is our number one priority. We have qualified staff at camp and a variety of medical facilities nearby that can handle any type of health issues or emergencies.


We are an accredited American Camp Association (ACA) camp. We go through a rigorous inspection process every three years to ensure we are meeting or exceeding all the latest national standards for summer camps.

We also are inspected annually by the State of Wisconsin Health Department. We pass a thorough inspection process to certify our kitchen, waterfront, and cabin areas meet all Wisconsin health and safety standards.

24-Hour Care

nurseTowering Pines and Woodland employ two registered nurses between them so that one is in constant attendance supervising routine medication and healthful living throughout camp. Many staff members are certified in First Aid & CPR, and camp doctors from the local area are available on call.

The Health Center is stocked with necessary over-the-counter medications and first aid supplies. Trips out of camp are equipped with a first-aid kit and a senior counselor certified in First Aid and CPR. The nurse organizes and dispenses all camper medications, including PRNs, over-the-counter remedies and vitamins. If your son goes on any trips out of camp, the nurse will send the necessary medications with the trip leader.


safety-helmetsIf needed, there are two excellent clinics within 25 miles of Towering Pines. These clinics can care for more extensive or persistent conditions and if situations require there are major hospitals in Eagle River, Woodruff, and Rhinelander.

The most common injuries at camp are small scrapes, bruises and bug bites. Hand washing, hydration, sun and bug protection techniques, rest and daily hygiene practices are taught and encouraged by staff to maintain a healthy camp community.

Emergency Care

In case of an emergency, Towering Pines is on the 9-1-1 grid in Vilas County.