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TP soccer wins 5-4!

The 13 & Under soccer team defeated its friendly nemesis in a thrilling contest this weekend. Playing beneath blue skies, wispy clouds and a setting sun, the boys rallied back from a 3-2 deficit to hold on to win 5-4. It was an impressive performance, not only because they won, but also how they won.


Many teams would have folded after giving up two leads and going behind a goal with nearly 10 minutes to play, but the TP boys collected themselves and gutted out an inspirational victory. Furthermore, everybody had a hand (not a penalty!) in pulling out the comeback. There were no selfish plays, they played like a true team. Even when somebody made a mistake or was on the wrong side of bad luck, they stuck together and encouraged each other to keep going.

The scoring went as follows:
TP 1-0
Tied 1-1
TP 2-1
Tied 2-2
TP down 3-2
Tied 3-3
TP 4-3
TP 5-3
5-4, match over!!


At TP it’s understood that winning is not the most important element of sports. However, great things can be taken away from competition, such as teamwork, perseverance, and trust. At the end of the day, all of these things can be gained whether you win or lose, but it’s always nice to win, especially in a fun and dramatic fashion!
High-five boys!