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Working at Camp is a ‘Real’ Job!

Working at Camp is a ‘Real’ Job! Now that 2018 is in full swing and summer only a few months away, it is time to start thinking about plans for the upcoming camp season!  For those of you who are trying to make camp a reality for this summer (and sell your parents on the idea), here are 10 great reasons why working at Towering Pines is a REAL JOB (and a whole lot of fun, too)! Leadership Is learned […]

Camp on Your Resume – Part 1

We have started a new format for connecting with staff this year and are holding monthly meetings via Zoom as a way to see each other (think mini-reunion!) and discuss pertinent topics of interest relating to camp.  Recently we asked 4 alums to join us and share their insight on how working as a counselor at Woodland or Towering Pines has benefited their career (and life!) success.  Let me just say that we were BLOWN AWAY by what our panelists […]

Magic Places by Andres

Beauty and the Beast, Fairy Tales, Narnia, Peter Pan, the Island of Neverland, Cinderella, Harry Potter, etc. are magic places and magic stories that every single kid in the whole world dreams about millions of times. It is fun to imagine that you are one of the characters in these stories. Imagine that you could fly, imagine that you never had to grow up, or imagine that you could live with wonderful species. Take a second to think back 20, […]

A note to staff: Camp IS the REAL World!

Posted by on March 31, 2016

I was recently invited to present at a regional camp conference in Northern California where the theme was “Caring”, one of the C’s of positive youth development (the others are Compassion, Connection, Contribution, Character, Confidence, and Competence). The conference chair made an interesting comment in her opening remarks that I had to check out for myself upon returning home. Riding Staff and Red-shirts care for 4- and 2-legged friends This person mentioned that Harvard was launching a project to “Make […]

For the Love of Camp….

Posted by on May 8, 2014

As first time camp parents, you wonder, can I truly leave him at camp for 4 or 6 weeks?  This blog post written by one of our counselors, Edu S.  His words are are a testament of why camp is so important to a young boys life.  Enjoy! This year I will be a counselor at Towering Pines Camp for boys for the 5th summer. Most people back home don’t really understand why a 21 year old would want to […]