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Our camp community . . . becomes a camp family!

There is a major focus at camp on creating a community and building relationships as well as systems within this camp community.  As we work together, play together, eat together and live together, this camp community truly becomes a family.  It seems very fitting that as we begin to feature a cabin each month in the off season, we do so on “National Family Day.” We have core values that provide the framework for everything we do at camp.  Community […]

Chicken Soup for the Camp Soul

You may be familiar with the series of books called “Chicken Soup for the Soul.”  There are a variety of different versions of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” with many unique and heartfelt stories.  Their vision is “Positive, Uplifting, Real — These are the stories we tell.”  As I sat at banquet at the end of camp this summer, I actually heard a spectacular story that could be called “Chicken Soup for the Camp Soul!”  It truly resonated with me, […]

The Towering Pines Staff

When we look at the staff who were at Towering Pines this summer, we recognize that not too long ago, a few, some, many, or all of these people were strangers. It is quite possible that they now know each other better than people at home, work, or school. The TP staff… are teammates, co-workers, friends, and camp family. They are the people who have spent the last several months doing one of the most important jobs on the planet […]

To Our Awesome Campers

Today we “raise a glass” to our Campers. You are perhaps on the road with your parents or still making your way home. Things may have settled down, and you are checking the Blog for the first time. Perhaps you are back at your house and sitting alone in your bedroom missing camp. Perhaps you are on an airplane destined for a relaxing ending to your summer vacation before school starts. Whatever the circumstances, the motivation is the same. You […]

More Time, Please!

Time is such an interesting phenomenon. Young kids, especially, often have a distorted view of time and can have no concept and/or easily lose track of it (both good things!). They generally know that a few minutes is shorter than a few hours or days, but that is about the extent of it. You might be familiar with the saying, “the days are long, but the years are short”. Sometimes we feel that way about camp; the days are long, […]