Common FAQs

What are the facilities like?
Northern Wisconsin is the place to be in the summertime and Towering Pines is in the heart of all the action. Our camp facilities are situated on over 450-forested acres in between two spring fed lakes, Nokomis and Clear. The cabins are located along the shoreline and have picturesque views. At Towering Pines, there is something for everyone: A fleet of sailboats, miles of horseback riding trails, large soccer fields, and much, much more!

To find out more about our facilities, feel free to contact us and request a camp DVD.

Who accredits Towering Pines?
Towering Pines is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). The ACA is recognized as the industry-accepted and government-recognized standards related to program quality and the health and safety of campers and staff.

How old are the campers?
We enroll campers ages 7-16 years old. Campers stay in cabins with other kids of the same age and grade.

What happens if a camper gets sick or needs regular medication?
The health and safety of our campers is our number one priority. We have dedicated registered nurses to dispense daily medications, and a variety of medical facilities nearby that can handle any type of health issues or emergencies.

What is the food like?
The biggest question we are frequently asked is “How is the food?” We strive to provide a variety of healthy meals that every child from ages 6-96 will love. Our kitchen manager and registered dietician ensure that every meal is packed full of nutrients so that your camper has plenty of energy to power them through a busy camp day.

What do the camp fees cover?
Tuition includes participation in all regular camp programs, including horseback riding and canoe trips. Additional fees include transportation between home and camp and personal expenses. Personal expenses do not typically exceed $20 per week.

Click here to learn more about our camp tuition.

Where do your counselors come from?
Many of the counselors are former campers themselves and want to give young campers the same positive experience they had as campers. Our counselors are devoted to encouraging boys to form relationships, develop a stronger sense of self, and learn new skills, all while having fun!

How do campers communicate with family and friends while at camp?
There are a variety of ways a camper can communicate with family and friends while at camp:

  • Bunk notes – An electronic mail system through a third-party service
  • Postal mail service – campers love mail!

Are visitors allowed to visit campers during the summer?
Parents, relatives, and family friends are always welcome to visit camp. The best time to visit is at the end of a 2-week session to watch your child participate in a show to demonstrate their new skills.

Will someone contact me if my camper is having difficulty adjusting to camp?
Every child adjusts to camp life differently. No matter the time it takes for your child to adjust, the owners call every parent during the first week to let them how they are doing. Counselors also send out progress reports at the end of the third and fifth week of camp.

Does camp offer tours?
We offer camp tours anytime during the summer. Give us a call or email us at camp, and we can schedule a tour.

How many campers live in a cabin?
Each cabin accommodates between 6-10 campers.

Does camp provide transportation to Towering Pines?
Chartered Bus Service: Both camps, Towering Pines and Camp Woodland, charter a bus that will depart from the Chicago O’Hare International terminal on the first day of camp. This service is also available for returning campers on the day after the official last day of camp.

Airport Pick-up: A camp representative can pick up your camper at the Rhinelander airport and drive them to camp. We are located just 25 miles from the Rhinelander Airport. Air service to Rhinelander is provided by Delta.

How do campers get clean laundry?
We have a weekly laundry service that picks up, cleans, and delivers your camper’s clothes and linens. This service is included in your camper’s tuition and is not an extra fee.

Can I request to have friends in my cabin?
Yes, your child can request to have friends in the same cabin. We send out “activity interest” cards before camp starts for your child to fill out and send back to us. These types special requests can be added to the card.

Can campers receive packages while at camp?
Campers may receive non-perishable packages at camp. Great packages to give campers are ones their whole cabin can enjoy.