Author: Joe Fitzsimmons

2014 Olympics!!

Final Results: Competition *1. Deutschland Dragons *Tie-breaker needed! 2. Moroccan Mammoths 3. Hungary Knights Best Flag: Moroccan Mammoths Best Cheer: Hungary Knights The 2014 Olympics certainly did not disappoint. TP was witness to another awesome competition. The best part of it all for most campers is almost always making the team flags and creating energetic cheers. Another cool dynamic of this unique event is that it gives campers an ability to participate in a variety of events. Moreover, this variety […]

Gold Rush…Plenty To Go Around!

Another rush of gold swept across TP today! All involved ran around feverishly in search of golden nuggets both big and small. As the day progressed, more and more attention was spent looking for the most valuable “nugget” of all, the “Motherload.” Each summer, great effort is spent locating it, though only one group of prospectors can lay claim to possessing it. An elusive beauty indeed! After hundreds of TP dollars were spent on valuable clues and thirst-quenching spirits, the […]

Pirate Day Revenge!!

Looking to slay the ghosts of ’13, the Blue Pirates returned to the shores of TP for revenge! After numerous battles and gallons of blood, sweat and tears, they were able to defeat the Red Pirates, their longtime nemesis. To be fair to the men dressed in red, it took a historic tie-breaking joust between the captains of the respective teams to determine who would ultimately prevail. After a few intense moments and an impressive display of skill, the Blue […]


Skin diving: James E. and Diego S. caught ANOTHER turtle! Trick-Ski: Alonso C. did a 360 on trick-skis! Instructional Swim Passed Level 6: Santi P., Sebastian D., Alex F. Passed Level 4: Alex P., Rodrigo E. Passed Level 3: Andrew K. Way to go guys!!!


Another week FULL of hard work paying off! It’s cool to see the boys have so much fun moving up the ranks and feeling great about themselves in the process. Archery: Alejandro F. – Black Yeoman George T. – Black Yeoman Giani G. – Black Archer, Blue Yeoman Josh P. – Black Archer, Blue Yeoman Mitchell F. – White Archer Bryce B. – White Bowman Pedro E. – Red Bowman Riflery: Alvaro MDC – Sharpshooter Nico T. – Bar 2 […]