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The waterfront is one of the best places to be at camp, especially on warm summer days! Perfect your strokes in instructional swimming and/or take time out for play in recreational swim.

The swimming area has designated sections for campers based on their swimming ability. The buddy system is implemented during recreational (rec) swimming, and lifejackets are worn when participating in activities outside the designated swimming area. Lifeguard certified counselors supervise all waterfront activities.

Instructional Swim


Participating in our American Red Cross “Learn-to-Swim” Program helps everyone feel confident in the water. Experienced swim instructors, certified lifeguards, and Red Cross water safety instructors (WSI) teach the instructional swim classes (levels 1-6).

Recreational Swim

Campers can enjoy free time at the waterfront with friends. Swim to the raft, cannon ball off the diving board, paddle the playaks, build sand castles on the beach, join a water polo team, ride the “big banana”, or jump on the water trampoline.