Towering Pines Blog


Another week FULL of hard work paying off! It’s cool to see the boys have so much fun moving up the ranks and feeling great about themselves in the process.

Alejandro F. – Black Yeoman
George T. – Black Yeoman
Giani G. – Black Archer, Blue Yeoman
Josh P. – Black Archer, Blue Yeoman
Mitchell F. – White Archer
Bryce B. – White Bowman
Pedro E. – Red Bowman

Alvaro MDC – Sharpshooter
Nico T. – Bar 2
Sebastian C. – Sharpshooter
Alejandro F. – Marksman First Class
Diego S. – Bar 9

Mariano C. – Crew

Just K. – Advanced Beginner
Nicolas P. – Advanced Beginner
Sebastian D. – Intermediate
Nico T. – Intermediate
Pedro E. – Intermediate

Awesome job guys! Keep it up!!