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Pirate Day Revenge!!


Looking to slay the ghosts of ’13, the Blue Pirates returned to the shores of TP for revenge! After numerous battles and gallons of blood, sweat and tears, they were able to defeat the Red Pirates, their longtime nemesis. To be fair to the men dressed in red, it took a historic tie-breaking joust between the captains of the respective teams to determine who would ultimately prevail. After a few intense moments and an impressive display of skill, the Blue Captain was finally able to put an end to the hopes of the Red Pirates. The men in blue got their revenge! As tradition would have it, the losing captain was led to the plank and forced to jump into the Nokomis abyss. Before he plunged into the dark waters, he shouted, “We will be back in 2015!”

Earlier that morning, an ancient pirate scroll was found nestled between some rocks. It reads as follows:
“In the stormy waters of Nokomis, everybody battles, everybody wins!”