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Look Ma, No Phone!!

Posted by on July 31, 2014

Sending yours sons away to camp for 6 weeks is a pretty big decision – emotionally, financially, and logistically (“How will we get him there? What about the family reunion?”), etc.  No, it’s not an easy choice to make, and it’s natural to question if you’ve done the right thing by sending them to Towering Pines for the summer. Let me help you with that. You absolutely made the right decision. In my unabashedly biased opinion, sending your boys to […]

Recent TP Accomplishments

Posted by on July 28, 2014

Recent TP Accomplishments Chiefs of the Day Jake Stv. Rodrigo B. Mike F. Alejandro P. Luke N. Cabin Clean-Up Congrats to Cabin 11 on winning Cabin Clean-Up and a free trip to Kathy’s Ice Cream Shoppe! Horseback Riding Riders of the Week Luke N. Tanner H. Joseba I. Louis M. 2014  Redshirts Eli W. Mitch T. Jack T. Spoon Assassins Emi B. Pedro E. Tanner H. Swimming Level 4 Alec B. Bryce B. Henry M. Level 5 Calvin F. Matthew […]

How to Be a Good Sport

We’ve already discussed the importance of a little friendly competition here at camp, but we haven’t really talked much about the role of sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is a respect for the rules of the game and a respect for those who play it. Sportsmanship creates the environment in which competition can be productive. Competition must be tempered with sportsmanship. I remember when I was a camper there was nothing I cared more about than sailrace. Getting the Skipper of the Year […]

Recent TP Accomplishments

Posted by on July 22, 2014

Recent TP Accomplishments Chiefs of the Day Jake S. Jack C. Calvin F. Jack T. Rodrigo E. Jerimiah T. Nico R. Manuel MDC Sebastian R. TP versus Red Arrow Camp 13 & Under Soccer Towering Pines defeated Red Arrow Camp 4-3 in overtime. Riders of the Week Seth H. Alec B. Ben K. Nico R. TP Olympics Deutschland Dragons Moroccan Mammoths Hungary Knights. New TP Olympic Records Andres MDC set a new Archery record. Matt S. set a new record […]

The Stuff That Makes Summer Camp Cool

Posted by on July 21, 2014

There are LOTS of reasons why summer camp is an important experience for your boys: Building confidence by building skills. Making new friends. Trying new experiences. Having fun WITHOUT computers, TVs, cell phones, etc. Don’t get me going.  I could blather on for HOURS about the benefits of spending a summer at Towering Pines, but I suspect you’re already on board with all that.  Instead, let me focus on the stuff that make camp COOL:           […]