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Create Your Own Scene: Cabins 4 & 5

2017 was a summer where we CREATED OUR OWN SCENE! See what the campers from Cabins 4 & 5 had to say: Nolan: having fun and making a lot of friends Leo: having an amazing time during TP Players George: making my skit Pablo: getting qualifiers in riflery and doing a good job with projects in Arts & Crafts Thomas: by doing all the work to earn Seaman rank in sailing Ryan: getting “Chief of the Day” Joe: by standing up […]

A 6 Week-Towering Pines Camper

Now that campers are into their 6th and final week of camp for this year, we thought we would give you a glimpse of what kind of camper you can expect from head to toe upon their return home…. Six-week campers have a good foot to stand on, two feet in fact. Feet that have been stepping one foot in front of the other, as they have taken steps giving them newfound independence. Feet leading the camper down paths untravelled, to step […]

Nearing the End

We are in the final stretch of the camp season, here in the Northwoods! In a few days, many of you will be paying us a visit to pick up your boys and get a little taste of all that has transpired this summer. I hope you have been having as great a summer as we have! Amidst the busy schedule and zany adventures happening every day, I’m finding a little time to sit and catch up with all of […]