Author: Angie Ziller

An “Attitude of Gratitude” from Cabin 6!!

With Thanksgiving this week, we’d like to express an Attitude of Gratitude for all of our camp family.  This is the perfect time to thank our wonderful camp families for sharing their children with us each summer at Towering Pines!!  We’d also like to take the opportunity to thank our counselors and staff for sharing their time and talents each summer so that we can create experiences for the campers that are both memorable and impactful.  The gift that keeps on […]

Sporting Their TP Pride

We take sporting TP wear pretty seriously at Towering Pines!!  After all, these boys want to look good after a refreshing soap dip in Lake Nokomis or Clear Lake. The guys, campers and counselors alike, are all about making their best impression just in case some of those Woodland girls happen to come by for an evening activity or friendly competition.  There are also plenty of opportunities for the boys to show off their TP attire at the annual Red, […]

Cabin 5 . . . Growing in Confidence!!

I recently published a blog called “Nature abounds and surrounds at Towering Pines . . .”  which is about the significance of nature at TP and how this is woven into the very fabric of our camp traditions and culture.  This blog also mentioned that Cabin 5, Mohawk, typically gives the last vespers of the summer at camp.  Traditionally, at this time, Mohawk discusses the value of nature and what it provides to us at camp as well as the […]

Nature abounds and surrounds at Towering Pines . . .

Autumn has gradually taken over the warm summer days in our Northwoods home.  There is great beauty right now in the gorgeous fall colors, and many changes are happening in the forest.  We are so incredibly fortunate to spend our summers living in the Northwoods where nature is such an integral part of our daily lives. I believe that it’s important to celebrate this gift and acknowledge it’s significance at camp.   Our boys have a plethora of opportunities to […]

Happy “Good Neighbor Day” from Cabin 4!!!

At camp we focus intently on values and character development.   We spend a great deal of time with campers on personal growth in a variety of different areas.  But we also believe that it is extremely important to teach children to look beyond themselves and to consider the needs of others.  The camp family and community we live in each summer at Towering Pines fosters compassion, respect and understanding.   At camp being a good neighbor is woven into […]