Author: Angie Ziller

How can it be Week 6?!!

It’s always hard to believe when Week 6 rolls around at camp.  How did the past five weeks pass by so quickly?  Camp time is exponential.  What occurs in 6 weeks is like a year in real time.  So you may wonder how much could possibly happen in 6 weeks .  .  .  let me give you just a glimpse into camp life. When the campers first arrive, there is definitely a honeymoon period  Old friends reconnect, some in a […]

Camp reunion . . . friendships, family and coming home

Sunshine, sailing, smiles, and blasts from the past. In honor of the 50th birthday of our sister camp, Camp Woodland, many Towering Pines alumni graced us with their presence in the Northwoods this past weekend.  There were alumni who came together from many different corners of the world, but a recurring theme resonated over and over again.  “It feels like coming home .  .  .  these people are like family.”  It’s amazing that even after years spent apart, we could […]

The benefit of nature . . .

Posted by on May 22, 2019

Spring is finally upon us, bringing with it gentler weather, torrential rain, and the prospect of summer. Going to school in a small city in the middle of farm land, Iowa city, it is always a nice reminder to see the trees grow back their leaves, see the flowers blossom, and to see the multitude of small animals that reside in a city. All of it reminds me of what I, and all campers, have to look forward to during […]

Moms of TP Boys!!

Posted by on May 8, 2019

Dear moms of TP boys, In my role at Towering Pines, I wear many hats on any given day just as I do in my time at home in the off season.  With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I have been thinking a great deal not only about my role as “mom” to my own children, but also my role as a “camp mom” at TP.  I can’t think of any 2 jobs I have had that are more challenging and […]

Summer is coming!!!

It’s hard to believe “old man winter” might finally be lifting his grip, and that spring could actually be upon us.  At least that’s what the calendar says!!  However, the heavy snow cover up in the north woods of Wisconsin may indicate otherwise.  (EEK!!) Never fear—we are forging ahead and preparing for an amazing summer at TP!!  Jeff and JoAnne have promised that the snow will all be melted by mid-June, and I’m holding them to it!  I am excited […]