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Create Your Own Scene: Cabins 4 & 5

2017 was a summer where we CREATED OUR OWN SCENE! See what the campers from Cabins 4 & 5 had to say:

Nolan: having fun and making a lot of friends

Leo: having an amazing time during TP Players

George: making my skit

Pablo: getting qualifiers in riflery and doing a good job with projects in Arts & Crafts

Thomas: by doing all the work to earn Seaman rank in sailing

Ryan: getting “Chief of the Day”

Joe: by standing up for people

Sammy: by fitting in, making new friends, and trying to improve in activities

Giacomo: by being a good teammate with my partner during Zoo class and working hard

Joel: by taking skin diving for the 1st time and learning how to do a 360-degree jump; I tried new activities every sign-up

Paul: making a lot of connections with others, both in and out of my cabin

Pablo: making others feel good about themselves and making lots of new friends

Luke: working hard towards “Crew” and learning more about sailing and sailboat rigging

Henry: inventing skits at campfire and directing them

Chris: trying knee-boarding and water-skiing, all new things I’ve never tried before

Isaac: learning all sorts of stuff on the water such as knee-boarding and water-skiing, things I can’t do at home