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A 6 Week-Towering Pines Camper

Now that campers are into their 6th and final week of camp for this year, we thought we would give you a glimpse of what kind of camper you can expect from head to toe upon their return home….

Six-week campers have a good foot to stand on, two feet in fact. Feet that have been stepping one foot in front of the other, as they have taken steps giving them newfound independence. Feet leading the camper down paths untravelled, to step onto new shores. Your camper’s feet might be a little dirty from all the tromping through trails, and they might be a little tired from all the running, leaping, and jumping that comes with camp discoveries. But through the summer, these feet have carried your camper to places they have never been, planted themselves firmly into the ground with newfound confidence, and they have left footprints marking their way as evidence of their adventures.

Your camper’s hands held onto backpack straps tightly at first, then began waving to old friends and new faces. Hands giving high fives with successes, reaching out to others when they needed extra support. Your Towering Pines camper has creative hands that make and mold and paint all new things in a unique and exceptional way. Hands that grab onto reins or water ski ropes, hands that work together to reach new heights and open new doors.

Let’s not forget about your camper’s eyes. A TP camper’s eyes sparkle with a sense of adventure. These eyes widened at the sight of the many possibilities that were on the horizon several weeks ago. Eyes seeking opportunities not obstacles. Eyes watching new friends grow, and eyes gleaming as they realize they have grown too! Eyes capturing the most intricate pictures and memories of all their endeavors. Eyes shining with excitement at each new day, and eyes barely able to keep open at the end of each exhilarating quest.

Finally, the most important part of a TP camper is the heart!  A heart overflowing with joy as memories from camp experiences are held ever so close. A courageous heart, that bravely tackled the newness, and even as the heart races, it carries on, over new obstacles and into the hearts of our friends we make here at camp. A heart that beats to its own tune, not like the other hearts you might know.

This heart outpours in the forms of laughter and song. This heart has room enough for friends to stay and adventures to continue on past six weeks. The heart of a Towering Pines camper, the essence of their very core, came to camp to be inspired, and in turn, inspired the hearts of each person it met.

How fortunate we have been, as you shared your TP camper with us for 6 weeks!  We are looking forward to seeing you for Applause Weekend and celebrating everything we have accomplished this summer!!

Kudos to Ansley D, a GA camp associate, as well as Kim Aycock (Camp Woodland), for sharing this blog inspiration!