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You Know You Love Camp When…

Not only do campers get camp “sick”, but counselors and staff do, too!  Here is what the TP and Woodland staff have to say about how much they LOVE camp! You Know You Love Camp When: Nothing else occupies your thoughts.  Memories of camp consume the hours of all of us suffering from camp-sickness.  We love camp because camp friends are best friends, and we don’t even need to say it out loud.  We know, and that is all that […]

A Different Kind of “Sick”…

While it is possible to be car sick, love sick, sea sick, and earlier this summer there was probably even a little bit of homesick…is there such a thing as being campsick?!  According to an article published a few years ago in Newsweek, if your son(s) are experiencing moodiness, depression and/or surliness after returning home from camp, you are not alone! It is a phenomenon known “campsickness”.  It’s like homesickness, but in reverse. Instead of missing the comforts and routines […]

Daily Achievements for 8/1/2013

Posted by on August 2, 2013

Chief of the Day Eli W. Coed Show The CITs from Towering Pines and Woodland put on an exciting and emotional Coed Musical Show for the campers and staff from both camps.  Thanks CITS, it was great! Riflery Sebastian D passed Marksman First Class Matteo T passed Marksman First Class Michael F had the high score of the day with a 46 prone. Archery Nico P passed his Black Archer AND his Blue Yeoman AND had the high score of […]

Daily Achievements for 7/31/2013

Posted by on August 1, 2013

Chief of the Day   Alejandro F was chosen by kitchen staff Drinka for, among other things, his good manners, his willingness to try new foods, and his “cute dimples.”  Several staff members, upon hearing the description, displayed utter astonishment when their name was not subsequently announced as the Chief.  Several dimple-related debates and comparisons ensued.  Order was quickly restored by Director Jeff before the TP Olympic Award Ceremony began. 2013 TP Olympics In an excruciatingly close competition that came […]

Towering Pines Camp for… Girls?!! The early days of TP

Posted by on August 1, 2013

Starting a camp ain’t easy!! After 68 years of summer camp, Towering Pines now offers tons of great amenities to the campers and staff.  But the path to this beautiful place has included a few difficult twists along the way.  Go to that first TP summer of 1946, and you’d find that things were a bit less polished back in the day. TP founders, Marion “Pa” Jordan and son John Jordan faced some serious challenges back in 1946, exacerbated by the […]