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Daily Achievements for 8/1/2013

Posted by on August 2, 2013

Chief of the Day

  • Eli W.

Coed Show

  • The CITs from Towering Pines and Woodland put on an exciting and emotional Coed Musical Show for the campers and staff from both camps.  Thanks CITS, it was great!


  • Sebastian D passed Marksman First Class
  • Matteo T passed Marksman First Class
  • Michael F had the high score of the day with a 46 prone.


  • Nico P passed his Black Archer AND his Blue Yeoman AND had the high score of the day with a 41 at 20 yards  Nico, burning up the Archery range!
  • George T passed his Black Bowman
  • Sebastian D passed his Red Yeoman