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Daily Achievements for 6/29/13

Posted by on June 30, 2013

  Chief of the Day Mariano C. Happy Birthday to James E.! Archery Pedro E. passed Blue Archer Pedro E was the high score of the day with a 41 at 30 yards. Horseback Riding Riders of the Week Michael F. Mitchell T. Josh P. Redshirt recipients Michael P. Andy E. Santiago L. G. Barn Hand-in-Training (BIT). Jack T.

“Too many friends to count!”

Posted by on June 29, 2013

  Making New Friends” was the focus of week 1 activities, including evening Cabin Activities to help the cabin group bond.    If you’ve been checking the daily Towering Pines photos on Facebook or Smugmug, you already know that Dodgeball, Angle Ball, Kick-the-Can, Water Basketball, Kickball, and Basketball have all been popular camper choices.  You’ve also seen tons of group photos full of smiling campers. To experience the “first-week-of-camp” from the camper point of view, first year camper Tanner H (8 years old […]

Achievements 6/28

Chief of the Day: Jack C. Riflery High Score: Jack T. – 47/sitting Ranks Passed: Jaime L. – Bar 5; Nico T. – Promarksman Water-skiing Jump of the Day (Trick-skis): Eli W. Fishing Catch of the Day: Ryan B. – 17 inch Smallmouth Bass Way to go guys!!! Happy 10th birthday to Bryce B!

Achievments 6/27

Chief of the Day: Alex E. Riflery High score of the day: 46 prone by Emiliano B. Archery High score of the day: 39 at 20 yards by Mike F. Ranks : Alejandro P. , White Archer; Nicolas P., White Bowman; Jack T, Black Bowman. Sailing Michael P. and Jack C. came in first on the X-scape in today’s regatta 2013 Lip Synch contest Winners: Cabin 7 (Iroquois) with Psy’s Gangnam Style

TP doing the dew

We’ve had some marbled skies the past few days: spectacular puffy clouds, blue sky and a few thunderheads dropping TP dew. While taking refuge in the boathouse at lunchtime I witnessed lightning strikes out on the lake and sweeping sheets of rain. The boys’ spirits never wavered throughout the light show and neither did the power, thankfully! The campers weren’t the only ones sheltering from the rain. I encountered this painted turtle hanging out in front of my cabin. I […]