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TP doing the dew

We’ve had some marbled skies the past few days: spectacular puffy clouds, blue sky and a few thunderheads dropping TP dew. While taking refuge in the boathouse at lunchtime I witnessed lightning strikes out on the lake and sweeping sheets of rain. The boys’ spirits never wavered throughout the light show and neither did the power, thankfully!


The campers weren’t the only ones sheltering from the rain. I encountered this painted turtle hanging out in front of my cabin. I named him Lord Pendelton Blake and gave him a home in our luxurious turtle pond.

When we didn’t have sunny skies, we played bingo and other games and in the evening the campers prepared their cabins’ entries for the 2013 lip-synch contest. Every boy did their part to light up the rec hall with laughter and music. Crowd favorites included The Harlem Shake, Taylor Swift and Skrillex. Congrats to the men of Cabin 7 for their winning rendition of Psy’s Gangnam Style!

With such a great week behind us I’m looking forward to the special events and another great week!