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Time Just Flies By . . . Cabin 11

I used to hear “old” people, who I realize were younger than I am now, say, “Time just flies by .  .  .  “   Honestly, at the time, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what they meant or why so many people said this very same thing over and over again.  I was oblivious to the speed of the passage of time and how mind boggling it truly is.

Well, now as an adult with three children of my own and a camp mom of multitudes of boys over the years, I finally get it!!  This revelation could not have been more clear to me as it was last summer when I saw Cabin 11, Seneca, come together again at camp.  These young boys who had left us in the Summer of 2018 when they were “Creating Their Scene,” arrived back last summer as young men ready to find their “Time to Shine in 1-9!”  It was almost unbelievable!!

Not only were there apparent physical changes in these campers, of course, but so many intellectual and emotional changes as well.  It’s incredibly astounding when you haven’t seen these fellas for 10 months, and you watch the amazing transformations that take place.  They’re still adolescents with a  plethora of lessons to learn and incredible adventures to explore.  However, they’ve taken a few steps closer to young adulthood and maturity, and this growth continues to unfold over the summer months with the great opportunities camp provides.

These transformations are apparent in the reflections that the boys shared in their “Best Moments” last summer at Towering Pines.  It’s so exciting to read what they have learned, experienced and reflected upon as important moments in their camp life!!





How did you SHINE this summer?

Patrick:  I passed Pro Marksman in riflery and my Black Bowman in archery.

Shaun.:  I met people and I feel like I belong more.

Calvin:  I got my Gold Archer.

Pablo:  I shone by pushing myself in my activities.

James:  By being a good person.

Bernardo H.:  I worked hard to try for my crew in sailing.

Henry M.:  I passed to 50-yards in archery.

Gianni: I passed five ranks in riflery.

Matt: I shone by helping the counselors.

Jack: I helped others and showed compassion.





When were you at your best this summer?

Patrick:  When I shot 30’s on average at riflery.

Shaun.:  I was at my best Weeks 5 & 6 when I became more comfortable in this place and started giving it a chance.

Calvin:  I was best at archery, and my best looks like greatness.

Pablo:  While I was having fun.

James:  It is when I don’t act stupid and just try to act normal.

Bernardo H.:  I was at my best just giving my all in my activities at camp.

Henry M.:  Helping others and being a leader.

Gianni: I was my best by being at camp and being a CIT for our cabin.

Matt: Everyday, trying my hardest at everything I did.

Jack: I was at my best when I was teaching the younger kids new things.







Describe a CHANGE you noticed in yourself while at camp.

Patrick:  I was more active than usual.

Shaun.:  I started liking this place!!

Calvin:  My attitude shifted to a more positive one when things started to look up.

Pablo:  I’m more relaxed.

James:  I tried different things.

Bernardo H.:  I am funnier and happier (more relaxed).

Henry M.:  I’m more mature.

Gianni: I put on more weight from the delicious food.

Matt: I’ve become a better leader..

Jack: I matured and showed more kindness toward others.





What lessons were learned from something CHALLENGING this summer?

Patrick:  I can swim better than I thought with practice.

Shaun.:  Trap is hard!!

Calvin:  I had a challenge winning spoon assassins.

Pablo:  Never give up–keep on trying!!

James:  That archery was hard this year.

Bernardo H.:  Take your time in everything.

Henry M.:  Take your time in archery.

Gianni: Sundays can be challenging for CITs because of the hard work preparing for special events.

Matt: Never give up!!

Jack: Be patient.





Thanks, Cabin 11 for giving us a glimpse into the many awesome moments you had at camp last summer.  We can’t wait to see how these experiences continue to shape and influence you when we see you back at TP in a few months for “A Place to Grow in 2-0!!”

Angie Wenzl Ziller

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