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Nothing to Worry About

Dear Jeff, Jonathan and Will, 

Ever since my son returned home from camp, he refuses to wear anything that isn’t TP green.  All he talks about is the fun he had in the Northwoods, stories about his cabin mates, and how many days there are until camp next summer. He claims that he isn’t sure what to do next without the gong ringing throughout the day to mark time. He spends hours looking at the online photos on the Towering Pines website and Instagram. He even makes his bed every morning and asks if he can sweep up after dinner. He insists that I ask you for Drinka’s Jambalaya recipe. Help! Can you please explain to me what is going on with my son?

A Concerned ParentDear TP Parent,

Thanks for your letter; we can assure you that what your son is experiencing right now sounds like a typical case of  “campsickness.” Not to worry…everything you are describing is actually normal!  We receive calls and emails from parents every year post-camp wondering what is happening to their camper/s. Trust us, campsickness is not necessarily a bad thing; it just means that your son had an AMAZING summer and is sad to leave his camp friends. It is normal to miss the nonstop activity and fun that camp offers at every turn. Coming home to an empty room can be a bit of a shock after the excitement of constant interaction with a community of boys.

We have every confidence that he will adjust to being at home again; it just takes a little time. You can let him know that we will be corresponding with him (and you!) over the course of the winter via mail, email, and various social media. There are all kinds of ways he can stay connected to our camp family, and before you know it, we will all be headed to Towering Pines (where it’s cool to be you in ’22) for another fantastic summer!

Where the good guys go,

Jeff, Jonathan, and Will