Monthly Archives:August 2021

Nothing to Worry About

Dear Jeff, Jonathan and Will,  Ever since my son returned home from camp, he refuses to wear anything that isn’t TP green.  All he talks about is the fun he had in the Northwoods, stories about his cabin mates, and how many days there are until camp next summer. He claims that he isn’t sure what to do next without the gong ringing throughout the day to mark time. He spends hours looking at the online photos on the Towering […]

Modern Camper: Some Things Never Change

Here we are! Today is the first performance of the annual CoEd Show. One of the most anticipated days of the entire summer. The CIT’s will move up the ladder of awesomeness in the eyes of the campers. This is THE story of the summer. Every cabin is mentioned in the script and every camper and staff member will be included in the slide show finale. Inside jokes are revealed. The unique personality of each cabin group is celebrated. We […]

The Ties That Bind Us

I recently had the opportunity to be a fly on the wall for a social with the 15-yr olds from both camps. It was interesting to see the two groups come together for the 2nd time this summer. The gals from Driftwood and the guys from Cabin 11, along with their counselors, spent an hour or so of hanging out in the lodge at Woodland. While I’m pretty sure teenagers around the world normally don’t congregate to play “get-to-know-you” games […]