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Let’s play some TP Bingo, fellas!!

Good morning, fellas!!

We are all navigating some interesting and strange times, but no one does interesting and strange like camp, right??  With that in mind we give you the first of many virtual camp events that can earn you things like double canteen, TP Dollars, or maybe even some TP swag.


Attached is a TP Bingo card for you to fill out as much as you can.  Print it, screen shot it, save the image, however you want to do it, JUST DO IT!  Then send it to us (email (, Facebook, or Instagram).  We will take all the Bingos and raffle off prizes.  The more entries we receive, the more prizes we will give away, so make sure your friends get theirs in too!  

To be in the raffle you need to have your card to us by Wednesday, April 22nd.  We will announce winners next Friday, April 24th.

Can’t wait to see what fun adventures and things you’ve done at camp.  And .  .  . GO!

Jeff played us the tune “Monkey and the Engineer” for this week’s TP Tuesday!!  If you’d like to check that out and sing along, you can use this YouTube link:

Jeff Singing “Monkey and the Engineer”

Until we can be together again . . .

“Here we gather in the twilight

Loyal friends so true.

Building in our hearts’ fond memories,

Towering Pines for you.”

CW/TP Camp Family

P.S. We are making a collection of camp fire jokes, so send us a video of you telling your favorite one!