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Let’s Make Some Paul Bunyan Pancakes!!

Good morning, fellas!!

It’s another great FUNtastic Friday here at Camp Quarantine.  As you all know, no one does pancakes better than we do at Towering Pines on Paul Bunyan Day!!  So we figured why not bring Paul Bunyan pancakes right to you in your very own home during Camp Quarantine?!!   


We have included an awesome video with none other than, can we have a DRUMROLL please .  .  .  .  .  


Watch Drinka’s video on this YouTube link (Drinka Makes Paul Bunyan Pancakes!!!) to find out how to make your best Paul Bunyan pancakes at home.  Then, you guessed it, here comes the CHALLENGE, because we love a good challenge at TP!!

Make your own pancakes at home with your family!!  Grab mom, dad, sister, brother, and even your dog, and whip up your own version of Paul Bunyan pancakes.  Then take photos of your best pancake, your worst pancake, your weirdest pancake, coolest designed pancake, or any pancake category you choose and send those to us!!  

Send these photos/screenshots to us by email (, Facebook, or Instagram by Wednesday, April 29th.  Winners will be announced on Friday, May 1st!!

Will did a spectacular ukulele tutorial to “Riptide” for TP Tuesdays that is available on YouTube.  He’d love for you to check it out!!  

Remember, we are still gathering those campfires jokes and challenges so send us a video of you telling your favorite joke or completing a fun challenge.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

The winners of the TP Bingo were .  .  .  Leo Navarro, Luke Navarro and Johnny Engman.  Congrats!!  Feel free to take a photo with your TP prize when you receive it in the mail and share that on social media (tag us) or send it to us.  Thanks for playing everyone!

Until we can be together again . . .

We are from Towering Pines, Towering Pines!

Best camp in the land,

Joy in every hand.  

We are from Towering Pines, Towering Pines!

That’s where the good guys go!!!

CW/TP Camp Family,