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Let’s Be Good Neighbors . . . Featuring Cabin 2!!

WOW, what a summer we had at Towering Pines Camp for Boys!!  “Here Comes the Sun in 2021” was successful on so many different levels and in a variety of different ways.  There were a plethora of adventures that happened and much growth and learning that occurred.

One of the amazing things that was a part of Summer of 2021 is that these boys were able to actually be together and create lasting memories after many months of living in somewhat of a bubble.  The beginning of summer looked a little different than past summers with more time spent as a cabin group especially in the activity areas. This actually gave cabinmates and counselors time to really get to know one another and to learn how to navigate group living.

When living in a group there are always challenges, as well as many moments to learn compassion, respect and understanding.  National “Good Neighbor Day” fell on the last day of September, and this seems the perfect time to reflect on the vast opportunities the boys have at camp to look beyond themselves and to consider the needs of others.

At camp being a good neighbor is woven into each and every part of our camp day. There are a multitude of chances to work on being a good neighbor including: meal time, cabin clean-up, assembly, activity time, holding area time, (These are times when campers are waiting in their cabin groups at their holding area for a meal or an activity.) and even at bedtime. Campers learn to take turns, to negotiate, to listen to others’ concerns and to make compromises.  These skills are learned in both small and larger groups and are natural scenarios to learn that each person brings unique gifts and perspectives to the world.   

As the boys learned to respect others and as our camp community evolved, this provided an extraordinary environment for individual growth as well. Here are some reflections and “shining” examples from Cabin 2, Potowatomi, sharing their growth. 

In what ways did the SUN SHINE for you this summer (what were your favorite things)?

  • I really liked a boat called Magic Johnson.  I liked going on it and mountain biking.
  • My favorite thing was Gaga Ball, the food, and living in a cabin with my cabin mates.
  • My favorite things were activities, my new cabin friends and the food!
  • I love fishing!
  • I really enjoyed hanging out with friends and doing arts & crafts.
  • My favorite thing at camp is fishing!
  • I like crafts.

What is something that took you by surprised and was better than you imagined?

  • I was so surprised that I was able to score in archer and all the skills that it takes.
  • It surprised me that I could live in a cabin with other people and learn to get along together.
  • Pirate Day was amazing, and I didn’t know I’d like so many activities.
  • There were so many new counselors which surprised me!
  • I was surprised by how fun Coed show can be if you’re trying to have a good time.
  • The cabin was very cool which surprised me!
  • Archery was better than I imagined. 

What is something you were able to do that you have not been able to do over the past year?

  • Doing new activities and playing “Capture the Flag”
  • I got to run around, be outside and make my own schedule (decide what activities I want to do ).
  • I got to do so many different activities and be with other people.
  • I got to play more games!
  • I was able to shoot a bow and hang out with friends without a mask.
  • I got to do so many things I haven’t done like fishing, archery, riflery, zoo, crafts and swimming.
  • I hadn’t done crafts and I did at camp.


The thing I learned most about myself:

  • I learned to live by myself, get really good at archer, and learn to be with my cabin mates and get along.
  • I can be patient with others and learn to do things by myself.
  • I am good at catching Hurps in Zoo, and I am a good cabin mate.
  • I learned to be kind and gentle.
  • I need more down time than I thought I did.
  • I learned I definitely like having fun!
  • I learned that I LOVE fishing!!

We are looking forward to many more summers with these amazing boys providing them with a plethora of opportunities to learn to be “good neighbors.”  They’ll carry what they learn into your homes, their schools and ultimately into the communities and world around them.

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