Monthly Archives:October 2021

Camp “sprinkles” many lives in many ways . . .

As we are well into the fall season, the leaves are sprinkling the world with their color and beauty.  Snow will soon begin to sprinkle the northwoods covering up the trees and everything around them like a blanket.  This protective covering will eventually melt and bring with it the sprinkles of blossoms that dare to peek out from their winter hiding places.  Spring will then be upon us, and we can begin to anticipate the sun’s rays sprinkling their warmth […]

Let’s Be Good Neighbors . . . Featuring Cabin 2!!

WOW, what a summer we had at Towering Pines Camp for Boys!!  “Here Comes the Sun in 2021” was successful on so many different levels and in a variety of different ways.  There were a plethora of adventures that happened and much growth and learning that occurred. One of the amazing things that was a part of Summer of 2021 is that these boys were able to actually be together and create lasting memories after many months of living in […]