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Happy “Good Neighbor Day” from Cabin 4!!!

At camp we focus intently on values and character development.   We spend a great deal of time with campers on personal growth in a variety of different areas.  But we also believe that it is extremely important to teach children to look beyond themselves and to consider the needs of others.  The camp family and community we live in each summer at Towering Pines fosters compassion, respect and understanding.  

At camp being a good neighbor is woven into the very thread of each and every part of our camp day.  Because of this reflecting on “Good Neighbor Day,” which falls at the end of September, is a natural fit for this blog.  There are many opportunities to work on being a good neighbor including: meal time, cabin clean-up, assembly, activity time, holding area time, (These are times when campers are waiting in their cabin groups at their holding area for a meal or an activity.) and even at bedtime.  

Not only do campers work on being good friends to their own cabinmates; additionally, they strive to be kind neighbors to boys in other cabins, in their various activities and in special events.  This even extends beyond TP to other camps during times when the boys are part of exchanges in different activities such as archery, riflery, soccer, tennis and trap.  

Specific time is also spent each week on Sunday mornings when each cabin takes turns leading vespers.  The themes for vespers center around character development and values and, again, how being a kind neighbor can impact those around you.  During this time of reflection the boys really seem to grasp the impact that they can have on other people’s lives at camp, in their own home communities and in the world in general.

Although the theme for this past summer was “YOUR time to SHINE in 1-9,” campers own successes can be passed on to others.  Cabin 4’s thoughts and reflections are highlighted in this blog.  Their examples truly show how personal growth can be exponential and shared.  

Here are reflections on the recent summer from the boys in Huron:

How did you SHINE this summer?

Emeric:  Helping with fishing.

Samuel C.:  Improved the most in water skiing.

Lucas:  Working hard on my activities and making a lot of new friends.

Gus:  I made new friends, tried new activities, laughed and made a lot of memories.

Charlie:  Being in a cabin, taking activities, being more responsible and having fun.

Caden:  Making new friends in my cabin, having fun playing games and trying new activities.

Daniel:  I made it to the National Trap Competition!!!

Nico:  I feel like I had a positive attitude throughout the summer and that impacted others.

When were you at your best this summer?

Emeric:  When I was having fun.

Samuel C.:  When I am trying to catch animals in zoo I am at my best.  

Lucas:  Helping the cabin during cabin clean-up.

Gus:  When I am having fun and meeting new cabin mates.  This makes me want to come back.

Charlie:  When I set new goals, make new friends and am responsible during things like cabin clean-up.

Caden:  I am at my best when I am helpful in the cabin, help my friends and work hard trying new things.

Daniel:  When I shoot good trap scores.

Nico:  I think I was at my best in about Week 3 or 4 of camp.  That’s when I was really focused and had a positive attitude. 

Describe a CHANGE you noticed in yourself while at camp.

Emeric:  I tried wake boarding.

Samuel C.:  I got more confident with water sports like kneeboarding and water skiing.

Lucas:  Having more manners.

Gus:  I opened up so much by not being as shy, and I laughed a lot.  I made lots of friends and had a great time (better than I thought I would).

Charlie:  I grew up and can take better care of myself and my stuff.  I can have fun.

Caden:  I made a lot of friends which made me happy, and I had a lot of good times with them.

Daniel:  Being more responsible.

Nico: I feel like I became more responsible since I was a 2nd year CIT this year for the youngest cabin.

What lessons were learned from something CHALLENGING?

Emeric:  Learned to try new things.

Samuel C.:  It takes a lot of time and hard work to learn how to water ski.

Lucas:  Never give up!  (like in instructional swim)  And I tried something new (biking).

Gus:  I learned that swimming is easy and fun and that soap dips in the lake aren’t that bad!!

Charlie:  Instructional swim and learning to shoot a gun was challenging.

Caden:  Going in the water for instructional swim was challenging and in tennis getting to the ball fast was challenging.

Daniel:  Learning to deal with younger kids was challenging.

Nico:  Have self control and try to be positive at all times.

Thanks, Cabin 4!!  See you all soon!

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