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Happy “Good Neighbor Day” from Cabin 4!!!

At camp we focus intently on values and character development.   We spend a great deal of time with campers on personal growth in a variety of different areas.  But we also believe that it is extremely important to teach children to look beyond themselves and to consider the needs of others.  The camp family and community we live in each summer at Towering Pines fosters compassion, respect and understanding.   At camp being a good neighbor is woven into […]

Continuing to Shine Beyond Camp . . .

Does camp truly end when parents come and pick their kids up and take them home?  Is it officially over when the final embrace is held a bit too long and that teary-eyed wave is set into motion as the big long bus pulls away down the TP Road? Or is it finished when the last sail and dock are stored for the winter months, and the staff looks around bewildered by the quiet hush that has truly come over […]