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“Everything at camp is fun!!”

Posted by on July 16, 2014
As you can see, we're trying to get Thomas to come out of his shell...

As you can see, we’re trying to get Thomas to come out of his shell…

Today’s blog highlights first year camper Thomas K.

Thomas, a member of Cabin 3 (the youngest group at camp) has made the most of his first summer at Towering Pines, making new friends, trying new experiences, and having fun.

“His goals for the summer are so great, I wish I had formulated goals like these!” exclaims Thomas’ counselor, David Owen, during his speech recognizing Thomas as Chief of the Day.  “These are the goals that every camper should have.  Thomas understands what is truly important about camp.”

Wow, pretty high praise from the 15-year veteran David, not a man easily impressed.  And just what are these laudable aspirations?

Thomas & Counselor David O.

Thomas & Counselor David O.

According to Thomas, his goals for the summer are to:

  1. Make friends.
  2. Be nice to everyone.
  3. Do my best at everything.

Those are commendable, especially when you consider that Thomas is only 7 years old.

Thomas, a second generation camper (his mother was a Woodland camper), is enjoying a stellar first year at Towering Pines.  Here’s a list of Thomas’ extraordinary accomplishments so far this summer:

  • Being chosen as Chief of the Day by his counselor.
  • Elected as the Cabin 3 “Cabin Chief” by the other campers in the Menominee cabin.
  • Recognition as a “Rider of the Week” by Riding Instructor Jerry Abney.
  • Passing several ranks in Archery.
  • On track to earn his “Crew” rank in sailing.
  • Made 18 new friends (more on this later).

Intrigued with the gossip about this camping prodigy, this ace reporter tracked down Thomas at the morning assembly and scored an exclusive one-on-one interview.

So Thomas, making friends is one of your top goals.  How is that going?

Good, I have lots of friends.

How many?

18 friends.

That’s quite a few, how did you come up with that number?

(At this point Thomas ponders the question, then refuses to explain how this number was calculated.  Nor would he reveal whether or not this hopeful reporter could count himself among that coveted list)

Moving on then.  So, how is the food Towering Pine?

Good.  My favorite is the spaghetti.  It’s not as good as my dad’s (spaghetti) because he used to work at a restaurant.

What are your favorite activities at camp?

I like (horseback) riding and sailing.  For the evening workshop, I play the Magic the Gathering card game.  It’s fun.

What’s the best part of being at camp?

Having fun.  At camp everything is fun.

Even the daily cabin clean-up time?

Yes, that’s fun too.

So fun that you might even continue to do clean up at home, like cleaning your room and making your bed every day?!



There you go Thomas’ Mom and Dad, a little gift for you.  For the rest of the year you can point to this blog as Thomas’ promise to do his chores.  You’re welcome!

And thanks, Mom & Dad, for sharing Thomas with Towering Pines this summer.  I wouldn’t hold my breath on that “clean my room everyday” declaration, but I believe you’ll find that he’s grown quite a bit this summer.

I also think that you’ll like what you see.  If the meantime, below are a few pix of Thomas in action: