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Camp Quarantine offers even more fun for TP campers!!

Posted by on May 1, 2020

Hey there, fellas!!

We have some more fantastic camp fun for you!!  It’s another great FUNtastic Friday here at Camp Quarantine.  

To keep things interesting, we have a TP Kahoot game for you to play brought to you by long time leadership staff alum, Bill Gonio.  All you need to do is go to and enter the game pin number:  #05604643. 

You have through Wednesday, May 6th to play.  The highest score wins, and the winner will be announced on FUNtastic Friday, May 8th.  Test your knowledge about Towering Pines and have some fun while you do it!

On TP Tuesday this week Rodrigo Guerra, a TP alum, shared a spectacular soccer video:

He shows you how to practice some crazy juggling skills!!  Rodrigo would love to see a lot of TP campers try some new things in soccer or improve on some skills that you already have.  

Can you juggle the ball 10 times? 25 times? 50 times? or 100 times?  You can, e-mail or post a video with your highest number of juggles.  If not, just use the good old TP honesty policy, show someone at home your cool moves and let us know your highest number.  Send in your highest number via e-mail (, Facebook or Instagram by Tuesday, May 12th.  We’ll announce the overall winner the following week.

Rodrigo shared that Towering Pines has had an incredible impact on his personal life and as owner of CSA Sports Mexico.  He learned teamwork because often times we don’t get to choose our team (co-workers) or our captain (boss), but we still have to learn to get along.  We might even gain some amazing friendships in the process.  From this I also learned to try to treat everyone the same and with respect.  Sometimes we need to adapt what we are doing and how we are working with someone and look for different ways to approach a situation.

Also, Rodrigo learned to try so many new things at TP.  Often times we get comfortable in doing what we have always done, and we stay within our comfort zone.  It’s important to be able to try a variety of new things at camp, in our jobs and even at home.  So camp also encouraged me to face some of my fears and to try something different.  You may find out that you actually like it and that you are better off having learned this new skill!!  It’s AMAZING all the life skills that the experiences at Towering Pines teaches these boys!!

Remember, we are still gathering those campfire jokes and challenges so send us a video of you telling your favorite joke or completing a fun challenge.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

We are looking forward to seeing you this summer at TP “A Place to Grow in 2-0!!”

CW/TP Camp Family