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Cabin 8 “hearts” camp!!!

We just celebrated one of our favorite camp holidays, “I Heart Camp Day!”  It’s a day that reminds us of how fortunate we are to be able to share Camp Towering Pines for Boys with so many awesome young men and camp families.  The reasons that we all “heart” camp are so numerous that often times it’s challenging to name only a few!!

Whenever someone asks me, “Why do you love camp?”,  I get this catch in my throat, pause momentarily, and think to myself, “How will I ever describe my ‘happy place’ in ONLY a few words?”  “Is it even possible to explain the significance of camp and what it provides these boys and counselors in a few mere moments?”  And then I take a deep breath, gather my thoughts, and try to explain briefly (total struggle) what to me is one of the most AMAZING experiences you could give to a child in one of the most SPECTACULAR places on the planet!!

So why do we “heart” camp so much?  Some of our leadership staff recently shared with me these reasons:

  • It’s the powerful (love this word) traditions and camp culture.
  • It’s the quality time that we share with kids.
  • I “heart” camp because we don’t rush or push kids through like a “drive-through” restaurant. Rather camp is like a “fine-dining” experience where each moment and detail counts!!
  • I “heart” that the campers get to DO the activities every single day regardless of their skill level.
  • I “heart” to see all of the growth and accomplishments that these boys experience.  I feel so proud of them; they always step up to the challenge.
  • It’s the lifelong friendships that develop and the respect for one another’s gifts and differences.

Well, again, the list goes on and on which is such a testament to the tremendous value of the camp experience at Towering Pines.





This seems like the perfect time to also share some of the tremendous moments, awesome adventures and lifelong lessons that were learned over the past summer.  Cabin 8, Winnebago, shares some of their own personal thoughts with us in their Best Moments from their “Time to Shine in 1-9” this past summer:

How did you SHINE this summer?

Mitchell:  During the soccer and tennis matches against Red Arrow Camp.

Henry S.:  I shone while improving my trap and riding skills.

Andres:  In riflery I shined.

Bernardo G.:  While I was doing slalom during trick ski.

Chris:  When I did very good during Quest Day (a Sunday special event).

Anthony:  By having fun at activities like riflery, archery and trick ski.

Domenic:  Fishing and helping out in fishing class.

Luke: By taking control of a sailboat.

Santiago: I shone when I passed a lot of ranks in riflery.

Patricio H.: I shined by learning new skills like skiing!!

Evan: I shone when I kept improving in all of my activities, especially in archery.

Aidan: I improved in soccer throughout the summer, and I participated in the 13 & under soccer game against Red Arrow.





When were you at your best this summer?

Mitchell:  I was at my best when TP beat Red Arrow and by trying hard at everything I do.

Henry S.:  When I cantered during riding.

Andres:  When I was hanging out with my friends and doing activities.

Bernardo G.:  I was always at my best when I was having fun!!

Chris:  When I was at riflery and TP Players, I was at my best.

Anthony:  All the time when I was having fun and hanging out with my friends.

Domenic:  I was at my best when I was fishing and getting “catches of the day.”

Luke: When I helped out a cabin mate, I felt like I was at my best.

Santiago: When I was skiing.

Patricio H.: I was at my best during free swim.

Evan: When I was doing a good job either at my activities or in my cabin.

Aidan: Whenever I was sailing and when I learned new things like the parts of the boat.





Describe a CHANGE you noticed in yourself while at camp.

Mitchell:  I changed the way I socialize with my cabin mates.

Henry S.:  I got better at my anger management.

Andres:  I improved my English skills.

Bernardo G.:  I am more energetic.

Chris:  My riflery skills improved.

Anthony:  I got stronger thanks to fitness classes.

Domenic:  I got a deeper voice.

Luke: I became a more confident sailor.

Santiago: I changed the way I relate and socialize with other people.

Patricio H.: My social skills have changed and gotten better.

Evan: I got taller, and I became more social too.

Aidan: I have become a better person.







What lessons were learned from something CHALLENGING this summer?

Mitchell:  Don’t give up when things get hard.

Henry S.:  To never give up, even when it seems hard.

Andres:  I learned how to be patient and listen.

Bernardo G.:  Never give up!!

Chris:  How to shoot a rifle properly.

Anthony:  To have fun and let go sometimes.

Domenic:  To calm down and get better at self control.

Luke: How to get (acquire) a skill you didn’t have before.

Santiago: Something challenging was learning to respect others.

Patricio H.: When I got a cold sore, I learned how to be responsible and do the treatment.

Evan: To try harder and not give up.

Aidan: When we lost against Red Arrow, I learned that even if things are not going your way, you should still give your best.

Thanks, Cabin 8!!  There were plenty of wonderful ways to “Shine in 1-9” and now we look forward to you finding your “Place to Grow in 2-0!!”

We “heart” Cabin 8!!!

Angie Wenzl Ziller

  • Mom at TP
  • Leadership Staff at TP/Office Manager
  • Marketing TP/Woodland
  • Assistant Waterfront Director at Woodland
  • Counselor at Woodland
  • “This is goodnight and not goodbye.”