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A Twerk-free Holiday Gift That’s Good For More Than Just Your Thumbs & Eyeballs, a.k.a., Summer Camp!


Playing outdoor with friends

Playing outdoor with friends

Do the kids in your life kids have well-honed thumb and eyeball skills from playing computer games and texting all day?    Polished at the dubious electronic arts of bludgeoning zombies and smashing cars? Are they pretty good at sitting on a couch for several hours at a time?  Great!  It sounds like they’re well prepared for life as a … well, actually, I’m not sure what those “talents” qualify you for.  (let me know if you find out though, and grab me an application if they’re still hiring…)

Horsemanship at the TP CorralIn the meantime, if YOUR children / grandchildren spend more free time with electronic gadgets than with friends, or spend more time sitting indoors than playing outside – then jumpstart their personal development by giving them the gift of summer camp this holiday season.

 I know, I know!  Summer feels a long way off right now.  But including summer camp as a holiday gift gives your children something to look forward to the rest of the long cold winter.  Instead of another excuse to sit on the sofa, summer camp is a life-enriching experience that offers your children the opportunity to safely…

  • Have fun
  • Develop confidence
  • Spend time outdoors
  • Eat a healthy diet (S’mores don’t count!)
  • Nurture their independence

trip to Kathys Ice CreamSummer camp gets your children outside into the fresh air, doing actual activities, with real humans.  Basically, the way you spent YOUR summers.  Crazy concept, right?  Maybe not to you and me, but so many children today are starved for the physical activity and social interactions that summer camps provide.  Here are just a few of the life skills & activities that a summer spent at Woodland or Towering Pines can provide for your kids:

  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Canoeing
  • Crafts
  • Windsurfing
  • Outdoor skills
  • Animal Care
  • Music
  • Magic Card Game
  • Fishing
  • Vespers
  • Archery
  • Riflery
  • CIT Training
  • Campfire skits*
  • Tons more!

*All Towering Pine and Woodland campfire performances are certified Twerk-free.  However, there are no such prohibitions against bad puns, corny skits, or camp songs sung horribly off-key.  You’ve been warned. 

Balancing on the BlobThis year, make one of your children’s New Year resolutions to do less gadgeteering* and lots more face-to-face interacting! 

(*It’s a camp blog article, so it’s okay – practically obligatory in fact – to coin new words) 

For more information about a great summer filled with new friends, new experiences, and fun, contact the Jordan family at: