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Camp Provides Opportunities through Activities!!

I get asked often by people who aren’t familiar with the concept of summer camp — what makes camp so special and why do I feel so strongly about it?  I realize when they ask me this, that I have a very short amount of time to answer so that I can truly convey the essence of camp!  Keeping my reply short is very hard to do because there really are a plethora of reasons why I feel camp is […]

But first . . .

Sitting at the table at lunch during pre-pre-camp (yes, it’s actually a thing), a catch phrase was thrown out that is the inspiration of this blog . . . “but first.” As one can imagine there is a lot of physical maintenance that must be done to the facilities at both camps before the campers arrive.  We were discussing a rather challenging and fairly nasty project that Kevin and Scott were undertaking at Camp Woodland, and when I asked how […]

Parents and Campers Share “Soaring Free” Moments

A HUGE thank you to our camp families for taking the time to respond to our end-of-the-season survey and for giving valuable feedback about the recent summer.  We will continue to strive to improve as we plan for 2024! Our theme this summer was “Soaring Free in ’23,” and from the comments we received from parents about the transformations noticed at home after spending time with us at camp, it’s obvious that your camper(s) soared quite high! PARENT PERSPECTIVE Our […]

Addition Through Subtraction

Some of you know that I have taught and tutored math over the years at various levels. Don’t worry – this is not a blog about the quadratic formula or any other math memory that you might have suppressed at some point in your school career!  My mathematical brain takes over at times when I least expect it, and so it occurred to me that there are opposing terms at work during the camp season that are worth diving into. […]

Couldn’t Do It Without Them!!

Meet the All-Star Support Staff This blog is dedicated to the faces of those whom we could not do without at camp, yet who often go without mention. The Towering Pines Support Staff are “behind the scenes” magicians. They support EVERYTHING we do!!  From fixing anything and everything around camp, to cracking enough eggs to feed 100 people, caring for the health needs of all our camp family and making sure the very littlest ones are engaged in camp life.  […]