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Why This Camp??!!

Posted by on June 8, 2016

Why this Camp?  This is the most popular question I get this time of the year.  Lee, why this camp?  Why trek all of your kids from Virginia to Wisconsin to this camp?  There are so many camps closer by to work at.  My response is, it is not a “Jordan” Camp.  These nearby camps did not give me my start in life – The Jordan Family did! Towering Pines Camp (TP) and Camp Woodland, gave me the skills that made me the successful person I am today. The great thing is,  I am not alone! Our alumni, also share my beliefs (and passion) for the Jordan family owned camp experience.  Throughout the summer, we will be sharing Alumni stories.  We asked our Alumni if they could tell Mr. John Jordan (Jeff’s father) anything, what would they write him.

Here is our first story and enjoy………

394238_743922815912_54983622_nDear Mr. Jordan: 

I have to say, you always made me nervous in that I always viewed you as bigger than life. I was in cabin 3 when you first taught me about Indian lore. I can still remember putting on the play for the entire camp and you sitting on the side, looking fairly proud or at least that’s how I like to remember it. Those cabin workshops with you were priceless. Not only were you teaching me about subjects I had no idea about, but you were teaching us about life, about nature. Pillars that I still lean on to this day. My love for the outdoors ultimately stems from you. My passion for getting to the outdoors comes from you. Not my parents or teachers, but you Mr. Jordan. But what I really want to tell you is, Thank you. Thank you for creating a place where I could blossom, grow and meet people who would become my family for life. 

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David with Towering Pines Camp Brothers!

Humbly yours,