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Weekly Camper Achievements for the week of July 9 through July 15, 2018

Posted by on July 16, 2018

Weekly Camper Achievements for the week of July 9 through July 15, 2018

Chiefs of the Day

Manual was Chief of the Day AND the Soccer team MVP this week!

This week’s recognized camp role models include:

  • Manuel MDC
  • Ray Deo
  • Sammy C
  • Paul W
  • Pablo E
  • Finn Van H.
  • Perry H

Congrats men, keep up the fine role modeling.

Weekly Camp Special Event

CIT Coordinator Will D (far left) looks especially swashbucking. Way to get into character Will!

New in 2018!! 

Quest Day – This fun new camp event included Lords, a “Lady,” and maybe a Knave or two.

In the end, the 4 Kingdoms banded together against the invading Hodag forces to save the TP kingdom.


Cabin Clean-Up

The boys of Cabin 4 react to Nurse Andrea’s stunning news with their typical aplomb and understated humility.

All Hail the Happy Hygienic Heroes Of Huron!!

In a stunning precedent, Cabin 4 was AGAIN the Cabin Clean-up Champion – for the second week in a row!!

The Lads of Huron scored a perfect 100% on their weekly score, and will again take a victory lap for ice cream.



Archery ranks are earned through a combination of shooting distance (from the target) and accumulated points.

The archery target has 10 concentric rings. The innermost (smallest) ring, a.k.a., the “bullseye” is worth 10 points. The next outer ring is worth 9 points, the next 8 points, and so on. The outermost (biggest) ring is worth 1 point. Missing the target completely is 0 points.

Archers shoot 5 rounds of 6 arrows apiece, i.e., 30 total arrows to accumulate enough points to earn a rank.

The ranks below are listed from easiest (White Yeoman) to most difficult (Gold Archer).

You may notice that 10 yards are added each time you jump to a new color, but that the required points at each level stays the same (80 points for Yeoman, 120 points for Bowman, 160 points for Archer).

Black Yeoman – 80 points at 20 yards

  • Johnny E
  • Lucas H-S

Black Bowman – 120 points at 20 yards

  • Eli W

 Blue Bowman – 120 points at 30 yards

  • Henry St
  • Pablo E
  • Lucas H-S
  • Andres C

 Blue Archer – 160 points at 30 yards

  • Pablo R

 Archery High Score (max of 50 points)

  • Pablo R shot a 37 at 30 yards.
  • Pablo R shots a 41 at 30 yards.
  • Eli W shot a 38 at 20 yards.
  • Lucas H-S shot a 38 at 20 yards. 
  • Bernardo H shot a 41 at 20 yards.


Riflery ranks are measured on a combination of points and shooting positions. The 4 shooting positions, from simplest to most difficult;

  1. Prone (lying on your stomach)
  2. Sitting
  3. Kneeling
  4. Standing

In riflery, the target is always 50 feet away (no matter the shooting position). The riflery target includes 10 concentric rings, with the innermost circle (smallest) worth 10 points, and the outermost circle (biggest) worth 1 point.

Each round consists of 5 shots, and the max score for any round is 50 points.

The ranks below are listed from easiest to most difficult.

Pro Marksman (20 points prone)

  • Matt S
  • Daniel McH

Marksman (25 points prone)

  • Chris W

Marksman First Class (30 points prone)

Sharpshooter (35 points prone)

Bar I (40 points prone)

Bar II (30 points sitting)

 Bar III (35 points sitting)

  • Pablo E

 Bar IV (40 points sitting)

Bar 5 (30 points kneeling)

  • Pablo R

Bar 6 (35 points kneeling)

Bar 7 (40 points kneeling)

Bar 8 (30 points kneeling)

  • Ray Deo
  • Domenic G

Bar 9 (35 points standing)

  • Ben K

Expert (40 yards standing)

Riflery High Scores (max of 50 points)

  • Manuel MDC shot a 42 prone.
  • Domenic G shot a 42 standing.


Soccer Player of the Week – Manuel MDC

Soccer Most Improved – Ryan G

The TP 12 & Under Soccer Team – In a game EVEN BIGGER THAN THE WORLD CUP, our friends at Red Arrow Camp used excellent offensive teamwork to overcome a tough Towering Pines defense.  Both teams displayed nice soccer technique and superb sportsmanship.


Skin Diving

  • This week, Fish Whisperer Ben K caught a 12” small mouth bass, a 14” large mouth bass, and a 15” large mouth bass.


Trail Bike Grand Prix – new in 2018!!


1st – Patricio R-H

2nd – Santiago C

3rd – Pablo E


1st – Bernardo G-S

2nd – Matt S

3rd – Ray Deo



  • This week, James W caught a 12” and a 15” large mouth bass.
  • Henry St caught a 9” small mouth bass and a 9” large mouth bass on the same day!



Sail Race

  • The duo of Thomas K and Scott K won a sail race regatta this week.



Level 6 – the highest required level at TP. Completion of Level 6 means the camper no longer needs to take instructional swim.*

  • Javier G-S

*Level 7 is offered at TP, for campers who wish to further improve their swimming knowledge and technique.


Weirdest Camper(s) of the Week

Cabin 4 really outdid themselves this week! After winning last week’s Cabin Clean-Up Competition, the Men of Huron – including staff Luis and Eduardo – apparently had an extreme bout of brain freeze.  

Do we dare send them to Kathy’s Ice Cream Shoppe again this week?!! Maybe “Bill’s Broccoli and Brussel Sprouts Buffet” would be a safer choice…


Campfire Performances of the Week

This week’s campfire was hosted by The Detective, The Inspector, The Quest Queen, and the Bandit:

Every week, TP staff members Ethan N, Andy E, Bryan N, and James E deliver a gobsmacking performance of creativity and humor.


The campfire had it’s usual assortment of delights and duds, but some performances that really stood out include…

For the intellectuals in the crowd, Bryce B’s 14-second solution to the Rubik’s Cube was a stunner.

Extra points for the tee-shirt Bryce – we LOVE Dad Jokes at Towering Pines!

For the more artistically inclined, the Men of Cheyenne delighted the audience with their elegant interpretation of Swan Lake.

The Cub’s fan in the background was clearly moved to tears at the beauty of the performance…

Mother Nature delivered a stunning finale to the evening.