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Dad Jokes from Camp / Pirate Edition

Posted by on July 5, 2018

Dad Jokes from Camp / Pirate Edition

Just because your boys are away at camp all summer is no reason that they shouldn’t be tormented with dad jokes!

In fact, awful dad jokes will help your sons feel like camp is their second home.  There’s probably all kinds of research that proves that bad puns are a great cure for homesickness, if I were to actually look.

But I won’t.

Because I like dad jokes, and don’t want to accidentally find a reason not to use them.

Anyhow, in the spirit of last Sunday’s Pirate Day, here are a few scythe-sharp zingers…

So how was Pirate’s Day, lots of fun and good sportsmanship? Great, great, at camp it’s important to see aye-to-aye with your cabin mates. Ha!  And now you’re rolling YOUR ayes!

Oops, used that pun twice, a breach of dad-joke etiquette there.  Nothing too egregious, though it probably explains why you’re not laughing.  But about Pirate’s Day, were you able to get a bandana at the TP store? I hear they were on sail last week.

Whoa, hey, don’t get so salty! You know humor is an important part of our relation-ship.

Okay, okay, I’ll stop. What else then…ah, how is the food at camp? Back when I went to camp, we ate a lot of corn, probably cuz it was so cheap.  Only cost like, a buck-an-ear.

What?! I didn’t say anything… oh, did I accidentally make a pun? Well, completely inadvertent, I assure you. Let’s change the topic then… the baked goods at camp, now that brings back some memories. A bit pricey though, I think $3.14 per item was the going, ahem, pie-rate.

Stop pretending like you’re board. You know I’m hilarious, so stop acting like it’s such an oar-deal!

Ah, felt good, didn’t it – to get that out of our system?

And remember, dad jokes aren’t just for camp!  Nope. Feel free to use these jokes year-round.

They work best when there are other dads around to laugh uproariously and slap you on the back (all part of the secret Dad-Bro Code).

Remember, repeated overuse of Dad Jokes adds to their potency, so drop them into conversation early and often!