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Towering Pines Camper Reunion – A great time with Old Friends

Posted by on December 11, 2012

The Towering Pines gang had a great time at the annual camper reunion at Jeff’s house in Northbrook, Il.  Everyone had a great time hanging out, playing camp games, and flipping through the 2012 Camp Scrapbook. We had over 16 campers, 6 staff, and a handful of Alumni.

We had a little surprise for them as well.  We unveiled our new Towering Pines Promotional Video.  The boys were excited to see themselves on TV and be the stars of the camp!


·      Check out with some of these amazing kids are up to since camp!
      Cullan Vavrus: favorite subject is Math, likes watching movies from Netflix, he misses his camp friends and is looking forward to eating the food at camp (pizza and jumbalya)

·      Mitchell Tillman: favorite subject is Engineering, got his driver’s license and has a job at a Karate School where he teaches classes (all levels) for kids a couple of times a week, misses camp and has a countdown calendar on his phone to keep track of how many days are remaining until the start of camp next summer, is looking forward to being a JC

·     Jack Trimpe: favorite subject is his free period, involved in Scouts, taking guitar and piano lessons, part of a 5-person guitar band (Robbie Bay and the Other Guys) that meets once a week, taking Driver’s Ed

      Matthew Farby: likes playing with his friends outside, is taking photography and is making a camp scrapbook, misses the lake (swimming and sailing), looking forward to taking more pictures at camp next summer

·      Gianni Gubbins: favorite subject in school is Math, plays football, misses everything about camp and talks about it every single week (according to his Dad, James Gubbins), is looking forward to staying at camp for 6 weeks next summer

Pinterest: You and your son can now see the full camper reunion photo album at our new Pinterest Site

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