Towering Pines Blog

To Our Awesome Campers

Today we “raise a glass” to our Campers. You are perhaps on the road with your parents or still making your way home. Things may have settled down, and you are checking the Blog for the first time. Perhaps you are back at your house and sitting alone in your bedroom missing camp. Perhaps you are on an airplane destined for a relaxing ending to your summer vacation before school starts. Whatever the circumstances, the motivation is the same. You want to read what we wrote about the summer and see the photos that tell the story of the past 6 weeks. You should know that our thoughts are filled with memories of you, and we miss you dearly.

You were AWESOME…

This summer was great because of YOU.

Our hearts are full and we want to say thank you…

For Embracing Camp We live in a cynical world that is skeptical of the simple message of camp. A world that might poke fun at our routines, standards, and traditions. School is not like camp, yet you embraced our 5 core values (respect, community, growth, responsibility, and safety) from the minute you arrived and kept practicing them till the day you left. We may have had to make a few reminders to get back on track, yet we know that your intentions were good. When we had some challenges early in the summer, you stayed positive and lived each day to the fullest. When we served a meal you weren’t fond of, you didn’t groan (that much). When we announced an evening workshop that might not have been what you wanted, you jumped in without reservation despite your misgivings. We love that you love camp so much!

For bringing your best. Visiting the activity areas at the end of camp showed remarkable talent and remarkable effort. We know you worked hard to get to this point. We loved seeing you shoot, swim, dive, bike, create, and play hard at various sports. The Coed Show was jaw dropping. The Water Show was amazing. The Ski Show was spectacular. Thank you for sharing your skills and accomplishments!

For your smiles. You had the best laughs… keep laughing fellas. Your laughter will keep us going in the months ahead as we count down the days until we can be together again.

For your Parents. We are profoundly grateful for their support. They entrust us with the responsibility for your care during the summer… know that we deeply appreciate their confidence. It is an honor and privilege to do this “work”. To say camp is here because of them is a fact.

For You, Wonderful You.  A TP guy remains true no matter where he is, who he is with, or what he is doing. We know you will take the Towering Pines spirit with you wherever you go! It’s Cool to be You in ’22.

Thank you for being YOU. See you next summer!