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They see me rushin’…

Gold fever was going around on Sunday!

IMG_3738IMG_3746Cabin groups took to the field in search of gold deposits to redeem for TP cash! Each cabin group can designate scouts to search out gold and stake claims. After obtaining a writ of ownership, the cabin group can then take the gold to the assayer’s office for those sweet TP greenbacks. TP dollars can be used to buy refreshments or clues that help to track down the mother lode.

The morning kicked off with the legendary CIT hunt, with Jack T. and Matt D. commanding the highest point values per CIT. The highest scoring cabin was given a head start on finding the mother lode.


The excitement was palpable in the air and I did my best to capture it as a representative of the Towering Pines press. In the end, only one cabin could walk away with the mother lode and it was Seneca (cabin 11)! The mama was found buried under a bench at the archery range.


We finished off the afternoon with a refreshing soap-dip and a picnic dinner before another excellent campfire. When night fell, a bit of TP dew rumbled through to knock the dust back down and lull us to sleep.

This week is the beginning of our second session, so expect lots of interesting news and developments. I know my boys at sailrace are looking forward to taking their skills to the next level.