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The TP Staff is Excited & Ready to Go!!

Posted by on June 21, 2013


Things are the waterfront are going, ahem, swimmingly!

Things at the waterfront are going, ahem, swimmingly!

Finally, the big day is almost here!!  The campers arrive tomorrow, and the Towering Pines staff has been working hard to get ready.  After an intense week of staff orientation, the TP Counselors are well prepared to ensure that your campers have a fun, SAFE summer.  Pre-camp training topics included:

  • Health & Safety
  • Cabin Unity
  • Camper Inclusion; “Everybody Plays, Everybody Wins”
  • Campfire & Cookout Safety Procedures
  • First Aid / CPR / Infirmary Procedures
  • “Six Simple Steps to Have a Healthy Summer”
  • Daily Activities and Rainy Day (i.e. TP Dew) back-up plans.
  • Plus lots more topics to help your boys have fun, make new friends, and enjoy new experiences.

The camp is looking great.  Even this morning’s storm didn’t slow us down.  Since

Alex getting the Blog ready

Alex getting the Blog ready

breakfast we’ve spent the day putting the finishing touches on the camp, e.g., bailing out boats, cleaning cabins, putting the Blob in the Blue Section of the swimming area, etc. We’re pretty happy with our efforts and think you’ll be impressed too.

Most of us have been looking forward to the first day of TP 2013 since the end of LAST summer.  Campers will arrive throughout the day, and we’ll finish our first day with a Campfire, led by the (admittedly self-proclaimed) hilarious and talented Towering Pines staff at 7 p.m. 

See you soon!