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The benefit of nature . . .

Posted by on May 22, 2019

Spring is finally upon us, bringing with it gentler weather, torrential rain, and the prospect of summer. Going to school in a small city in the middle of farm land, Iowa city, it is always a nice reminder to see the trees grow back their leaves, see the flowers blossom, and to see the multitude of small animals that reside in a city. All of it reminds me of what I, and all campers, have to look forward to during the summer, the ability to be surrounded by nature.

Spring has sprung in the Northwoods!!

Lake Nokomis at Towering Pines

To be in the middle of nature, right on a lake with trees surrounding you is an experience that many in the world do not get to enjoy. I am incredibly and forever grateful for the privilege to be able to be surrounded by nature all throughout the summer, to be able to swim in lakes, hike through forests, and enjoy the multitude of opportunities that the Northwoods has to offer. It saddens me deeply to imagine the many children that never get to see the Pines of the Northwoods, the fish that swim in Clear Lake, or the creatures that reside in the forest. I consider access to nature as incredibly important for everyone and anyone. Everyone deserves the right to be able to experience the calming tranquility of pine forests.

Moss garden–camp’s unique ecosystem

Camp gives children, and counselors too I might add, the chance to be around nature, to take respite from the monotony of urban life. I will never forget the first time as a camper when I set my eyes upon the moss garden, a section of the forest covered in moss. The ground feels like a soft, semi wet, bed, that frankly one very well could fall asleep on. These are the things of wonder that, from the perspective a child raised in a city, feel like fantasy. 

I think fondly on the many canoe trips I have went on as a camper. Canoeing across Nokomis with my friends and counselors. Sitting around the fire, telling stories to each other under the night sky. These moments, the ones with friends surrounded by nature, are some of the ones most deeply imprinted in my mind, ones that I will never forget. These inspire me to revere and respect nature to this day.

When the weather begins to warm in Iowa City, I am pleasantly reminded that nature does in fact exist. I am, without fail, reminded of the summers that I have spent as either camper or counselor in the Northwoods. I am forever grateful for the chances that camp has allotted me and continues to provide for campers, to experience the wonders that the natural world has to offer. 

Andy Ebert,

Past Camper and Current Counselor