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Summer is coming!!!

It’s hard to believe “old man winter” might finally be lifting his grip, and that spring could actually be upon us.  At least that’s what the calendar says!!  However, the heavy snow cover up in the north woods of Wisconsin may indicate otherwise.  (EEK!!)

Never fear—we are forging ahead and preparing for an amazing summer at TP!!  Jeff and JoAnne have promised that the snow will all be melted by mid-June, and I’m holding them to it!  I am excited to report that I’ll be leaving the flooding and disastrous winter weather here in Nebraska to head to Chicago this week for the Mid States Camp Conference. 

Ice boulders in Nebraska!!

I always look forward to the Mid States Conference because it’s an opportunity to network with other great camp minds.  We collaborate, share ideas and ultimately all have one similar goal—to continue to create the best experience possible for campers.  When I looked at the theme for this year’s conference, “Learn Cool Things,” I was even more excited.  After all, a huge part of what Towering Pines offers is amazing opportunities for kids to LEARN COOL THINGS!!! 

Learning cool things can happen in many different ways at camp.  Sometimes a camper may have been coming to TP for years and decides to venture out of his comfort zone and try something new.  We also try to keep things fun and exciting by adding new activities, games and events to the already existing great TP traditions. Last summer biking was added to the daily choice options for activities and was a BIG hit!!  In addition, there was the new “Gaga Pit” and the “Slackline” that saw plenty of action.  We  even added an innovative Sunday event called “Quest Day” to the mix.  Campers share their ideas for new board games as well, and so each summer brings in a variety of these for cabins to try.

So many great values are taught and shared while learning cool things at camp.  Rising up to these new challenges takes boldness, determination and independence.  Along with these are those core values that come from participating in new experiences among a community of friends.  These include:  fairness, creativity, leadership and compassion.  Imagine that and all of the FUN wrapped up into a great summer!!

We would love for you to spread your enthusiasm for camp with others.  Please feel free to share information about TP with other family and friends who might also want to learn about the awesome possibilities camp might bring to their boys (Towering Pines Camp for Boys).  See you soon!!!

Your Time to Shine in 1-9!!

Angie Wenzl Ziller

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