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Reunion Rap . . .

It was so awesome to have a full house at the 2019 Camp Reunion in Chicago.  Whenever you get a group of camp friends together, chances are you’re going to hear a lot of laughter, see an abundance of smiling faces and relive many fun adventures from summers past.  This year’s reunion was no exception!!  We enjoyed seeing so many of our camp family and catching up on what’s been going on with life since the end of summer.  For those who weren’t able to come, we are always thinking about our camp families from both near and far!!

Here’s a bit of a Reunion Rap to keep you up-to-date on some of the boys!!  (Please excuse any errors as these were taken directly from what the boys wrote, and sometimes handwriting is a bit difficult to decipher.)

What has been your brightest moment since camp?

Ben K.:  Starting junior year in high school

Nolan B.:  Turning 11-years-old

Johnny E.:  Sledding in the snow

Nathan T.:  Getting rank 300 in Phantom Forces

Ryan G.:  Shooting a bow

Thomas K.:  Swimming in very wavy waters in school

Shaun S.:  Watching TLOK

James W.:  Getting my new bowling ball

Aidan E.:  Doing good in school

Colin M.:  Going to Delaware to play lacrosse

Calvin F.:  Being in band

Ray D.:  Being better at tennis

What fun adventures are in store for you this year?

Ben K.:  Applying to college

Nolan B.:  Going skiing

Johnny E.:  Looking forward to Christmas

Henry S.:  Christmas time

Ryan G.:  Doing archery

Thomas K.:  Getting past kneeling

Shaun S.:  Actually coming to camp prepared

Aidan E.:  Going to camp again

Colin M.:  Lacrosse games and getting cars

Calvin F.:  Participating in marching band

Chris W.:  Doing riflery

Ray D.:  Skiing a lot and staying fit

What are you most looking forward to next summer?

Ben K.:  Being a counselor

Nolan B.:  Fishing and doing archery again

Johnny E.:  Hopefully catching a 16″ large mouth bass

Henry S.:  Camp!!

Jacob:  Archery and fishing

Ryan G.:  Getting my “golden archer”

Thomas K.:  Riflery

Shaun S.:  Maybe getting to try trap again

James W.:  Camp

Aidan E.:  Camp

Colin M.:  To go to camp

Calvin F.:  Camp

Chris W.:  Camp

Ray D.:  Being a 2nd-year CIT; leading and helping kids

What is something cool you’d like to tell your counselors?

Johnny E.:  I can do a flip!

Henry S.:  I learned how to water ski.

Jacob:  That I got stitches

Nathan T.:  Hello

Thomas K.:  Hello

James W.:  I do bowling.

Aidan E.:  People around me have good vibes.

Colin M.:  I love lacrosse!

Calvin F.:  I’m learning to play the Avengers’ theme.

Chris W.:  I have a dog.

Ray D.:  I miss you Tex and Rich Bryan!

What activities do you like to do when you are not in school?

Ben K.:  Sleep

Nolan B.:  Play basketball

Johnny E.:  TP or Roblox

Jacob:  Play outside

Nathan T.:  Play football

Ryan G.:  Sleeping and puns

Thomas K.:  Tennis

Shaun S.:  Sleeping

James W.:  Competitive sleeping

Aidan E.:  Lacrosse and soccer

Colin M.:  Lacrosse and other sports

Calvin F.:  Practice the trombone

Chris W.:  Sleep

Ray D.:  Guitar, tennis and fitness

It’s awesome to hear that many of you are looking forward to camp next summer because we are too!!! It sounds like several of you are even working on storing up your sleep reserves so that you have plenty of energy when June rolls around.   We can’t wait for all of those sunny days and campers doing what they do best — having fun in the Northwoods while doing activities, learning new skills and developing lasting friendships!!  If you’d like to share your enthusiasm for camp with friends or other family members, we’d be happy to talk to them about all of the amazing experiences camp can offer.