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The Towering Pines Staff

When we look at the staff who were at Towering Pines this summer, we recognize that not too long ago, a few, some, many, or all of these people were strangers. It is quite possible that they now know each other better than people at home, work, or school. The TP staff… are teammates, co-workers, friends, and camp family. They are the people who have spent the last several months doing one of the most important jobs on the planet […]

To Our Awesome Campers

Today we “raise a glass” to our Campers. You are perhaps on the road with your parents or still making your way home. Things may have settled down, and you are checking the Blog for the first time. Perhaps you are back at your house and sitting alone in your bedroom missing camp. Perhaps you are on an airplane destined for a relaxing ending to your summer vacation before school starts. Whatever the circumstances, the motivation is the same. You […]

More Time, Please!

Time is such an interesting phenomenon. Young kids, especially, often have a distorted view of time and can have no concept and/or easily lose track of it (both good things!). They generally know that a few minutes is shorter than a few hours or days, but that is about the extent of it. You might be familiar with the saying, “the days are long, but the years are short”. Sometimes we feel that way about camp; the days are long, […]

Ingredients for Life Success are Found at Camp

What is a caregiver/parent’s role in raising confident and successful children? What matters in a child’s life that helps them grow up and find satisfaction as an adult? What can we parents/caregivers do to encourage the habits, character and understandings that children need as they face challenges later in life? We all want our kids to be successful grownups, but is there something specific we can do to give them the best odds? These are the questions asked by Margot […]

Courage at Camp

We often hear campers say, “I’m always more confident and brave when I get back from camp.” Awesome! And, “at camp, I figure out how to be my best self, even though that’s hard at home.” Wow! Doubly awesome! How does camp inspire children to develop courage? Life at summer camp, especially at a place like Towering Pines, provides unique experiences that show kids how to approach things more courageously. It gives them daily opportunities to act bravely and to […]